Clean Up Fox Landfill

In March this year, extreme rainfall and flooding caused the sealed Fox Glacier landfill to breach, sending tonnes of toxic rubbish flowing into the Fox River.

Waste has seeped for at least 50 kilometres along the river, through the national park and across pristine beaches.

While local volunteers have tried their best to remove rubbish, stretches of the river are now too dangerous for them to access and the waste is too hazardous for them to handle.  It is estimated that less than 20% of the spill has been able to be cleaned up with more entering the environment each time it rains.  This is an environmental disaster.  

While the Council has contributed over $1 million, the Government’s contribution so far has been woeful. Fox Glacier is a jewel in the South Island’s crown, and South Westland is home to some of the country’s most beautiful and unspoiled coastline.

Our petition requests that the Government:

  1. Allocate funding to clean up the environmental disaster caused by the legacy Fox landfill breach which has seen hazardous waste spread over 50km of pristine coastline in South Westland, including the Okarito Marine Reserve.

  2. Allocate funding to permanently remediate the legacy Fox landfill in the Fox Glacier to ensure that weather events do not cause further environmental damage.

This Government needs to step up and fund the clean up as well as remediate the landfill to stop future breaches occurring. The Government must act with urgency.

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