Coasters getting access to fewer surgeries

The number of elective surgeries being carried out decreased in the year to June on the West Coast by almost six per cent, National MP Maureen Pugh says.


“The West Coast saw almost 100 fewer elective surgeries discharged in the year to June 2019 compared with the previous year.

“That means 100 more Coasters waiting longer in pain, unable to access the healthcare they desperately need. It’s appalling.

“Under National, the total number of elective surgeries increased every year we were in government. Under this Labour-led Government, they’re decreasing.

“Not only that, Health Minister David Clark has announced he’s no longer publishing data on elective surgeries and has dropped it as a health target.

“New Zealanders deserve timely access to care. Instead, they have a government that’s abandoned the health targets which led to continuous improvement in healthcare and better public services, and overseen longer waiting times and a measles outbreak.

“Dr Clark is failing to deliver the care New Zealanders need. After two years in power, there’s no sign of the new health targets he promised and Coasters are seeing the consequences.

“This Government cannot be trusted on health.”