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Pugh blasts Dyson’s Private Members Bill

Maureen Pugh, National List MP based in West Coast-Tasman, is concerned about a new Labour Party member's bill, Crown Minerals (Protection of World Heritage Sites) Amendment Bill, which she describes as another outbreak of the "green virus" for Westland. This bill is poorly thought out and the consequences for employment and access to gravel and rock for sea and river protection has not been considered.

The National Party Caucus is still to consider the bill.

“The bill seeks to lock up all land currently designated World Heritage and prohibit any form of mining or gravel extraction on that land. Westland’s economy relies on a diverse range of industries to provide employment and economic growth in the region,” says Mrs Pugh. Rock protection works in south Westland will have to rely on transporting rock hundreds of kilometres, pushing prices through the roof. The absence of a grandfather clause means all existing consents and access arrangements would cease immediately should the bill go through.

“This poorly thought out bill is yet another demonstration of the Green/Labour extreme policy agenda which does nothing to support regional New Zealand.”

“Three years ago Labour and the Green’s supported the pleas of extreme environmentalists over the needs of West Coast locals. Fortunately the National-led Government supported my call to legislate and allow harvesting of wind-thrown trees following Cyclone Ita. Common sense prevailed.

“Regardless of the Green/Labour Party view, West Coasters have always been, and continue to be, exceptional environmentalists who utilise their local environment in an efficient and responsible way, that’s why we still have our forests. I welcome any opposition colleague who wants to join me on the West Coast so I can show them the definition of responsible environmental management.”

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