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The joint press release put out by Eugenie Sage and Damien O’Connor spoke volumes. No longer is the electorate MP taking the voices of his electorate back to Wellington, he is now joined at the hip with the Greens and defending every life-changing policy they are throwing at us on the Coast. 

At the same time we are told to be grateful for the crumbs they throw our way. Topping up the balance sheet of Kiwirail and DoC under the guise of Provincial Growth Funding is of little benefit to us if we don’t have jobs. Jobs give us the reason to stay, to send our kids to school, and to support our retailers and contractors.

Logging, mining, SNAs, Freshwater policy and whitebaiting have all felt the pain of this Government’s policies. And the one thing that would give us an advantage to attract more industry, a competitive power price, was dealt the death blow when the Waitaha power scheme was turned down. Our moss industry is at risk, rock and gravel is tied up, and we are told tourism will be our saving grace. Well that does work well, provided we can keep the roads and rail open.

I will be at the rally on Sunday 17 November and if I had had another commitment I would have cancelled it to stand beside my community. 

Standing beside me will be Simon Bridges and some of my other colleagues. We are backing the Coast.

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