MP Maureen Pugh is praising Councils and their communities of the region for their swift and efficient response to the fast-changing Covid-19 situation.


“I’m aware of a Facebook page to co-ordinate a community response to help people who may be in need, as well as phone-around rosters to keep in touch with people at this very worrying time, and that’s good basic stuff that can be offered locally to support people, especially our elderly,” Maureen Pugh says.”

“It’s the ultimate in what the health campaign launch says - ‘be kind’ sounds basic but it is so important in us all getting through this tough time – as well as looking after oneself and family, also checking in with neighbours, albeit by phone, and making sure people have what they need,” she says.

Mrs Pugh says it’s also a good time to remember the contribution of primary industries to the Kiwi economy and believes that sector will show themselves to be the backbone of the New Zealand economy, as they did during and after previous financial downturns. “Growers and miners will come to the fore if the current situation leads us into an economic depression of any sort and thank goodness we all have to eat. I hope that in the next couple of years farmers, in particular, are not hindered by any more policy changes that will affect their business,” she says.