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Newsletter June 2021

June 18, 2021 Share

Greetings everyone. Well, we’re now well into 2021 and what a year we are having. The news that has dominated is COVID-19, but now the story needs to turn to our recovery as a country from the economic carnage that it has left behind.

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MP Maureen Pugh Says the Economy is ours to Work with and Improve

September 18, 2020 Share

MP Maureen Pugh’s reaction to this week’s release of New Zealand’s GDP figure as a minus 12 per cent situation is one of both optimism and pragmatism, after a second negative growth quarter puts New Zealand’s economy officially into recession.

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MP Questions Why Grant is now a Loan

September 12, 2020 Share

The announcement that Golden Bay’s Port Tarakohe is to be offered a $20 million loan from the Provincial Growth Fund has drawn questions from National’s List MP based in West Coast-Tasman Maureen Pugh.


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National's Ag Caucus to Hold Meetings in West Coast-Tasman

August 26, 2020 Share

Covid-19 may be dominating the headlines, but the National Party is keeping primary production front and centre of voters with a series of meetings in the region connecting with people working at the ‘coalface’ of  meat, wool, fibre and crop production in the region.

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Unlocking the Lockdown

April 12, 2020 Share

We await the Government’s direction on how we will eventually come out of the COVID-19 lockdown, or what signals and evidence it will rely on to make its decision.

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MP Calls for Commonsense on Both Sides of the Fence

April 09, 2020 Share

National List MP based in West Coast - Tasman Maureen Pugh is calling for helicopter operators to be allowed to go ahead with vital forestry spraying on 4500 hectares of land in the Tasman District.

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MP Warns to be Alert for Scammers

April 02, 2020 Share

MP Maureen Pugh is warning people to be wary of any form of scamming during the Coronavirus Lockdown.


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Community Newspaper Ban Needs to be Overturned

March 30, 2020 Share

West Coast-Tasman’s community newspapers are important to our community in times like this and should be allowed to continue publishing, National’s List MP based in West Coast-Tasman Maureen Pugh says.


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COVID-19 Update - I'm Here to Help

March 23, 2020 Share

I know many of you are feeling anxious about the health and livelihoods of your families and communities right now. I am determined to be available to you as a source of information, advocacy, connection and support. I have suspended my planned campaign activities so I can focus on these duties. 


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March 19, 2020 Share

MP Maureen Pugh is praising Councils and their communities of the region for their swift and efficient response to the fast-changing Covid-19 situation.


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